About Us

Hello and welcome to VPSCraft! We provide economic Minecraft and General Purpose servers with the following features:
-Complementary Dedicated IP
-Port 25565 (and any other ports you want!)
-Free MySQL databases
-Free PHP installation
-Free Apache installation
-Full SFTP (Secure File Transfer) access
-Full SSH ROOT access
-CentOS 6 64-bit
-Custom Jarfile support
-No player limit
-Free CentOS Lessons (If you want)
-Optional MultiCraft Panel: Bukkit Only! (Extra fee on first month, or Bring your own license!) Contact us for details and ordering.

We have been in business since late 2012, and are still a small company. Our North American servers are located in Canada barely North of New York, in a professional datacenter. All resources on the VPS you rent are dedicated to you; no overselling, no throttling. You get all cores, RAM, and bandwidth to yourself. For the exact specs, please visit our “Pricing” page.

We pride ourselves in no-nonsense, BS-free hosting. We are confident in our product, and offer a free 2-day trial to back it up. To get your free trial, contact me at support@vpscraft.net.
Please note: By making any monetary transaction with us, you signify you have read and agree to theTerms of Service